House Concert Vol. 1 (Abana in Heaven, Godfather, and more).

I recorded these originals/arrangements in one take, although I did cut out me tuning the guitar. The song order is:

Abana in Heaven by Laila Constantine (0:41)

Dance of the Red Dragon (2:25)

The Godfather (Love Theme) by Nino Rota (3:26)

Melancholy from my Red Guitar Suite (5:27)

A Little Waltz for a Little Girl (8:27)

Dee by Randy Rhoads (10:56)

Equipment used:

Cordoba C7 Guitar

2017 iPad running forscore

Page Flip bluetooth page turner

2 Rode NT1-A microphones 2020

Macbook Pro

Cubase to record the audio

Final Cut Pro to edit the video

Redline reverb

Eyşan Unutamıyorum, Abana in Heaven, Godfather and More…

This is a practicing video. I turned the camera on and just started playing. No edits and I crashed and burned at the end of the Godfather theme. Here is the order:

Eyşan Unutamıyorum (0:07) This is a piece I started playing a few years ago when an Instagram friend suggested I make a guitar arrangement of it. It is now one of my favorite pieces to play.

Funky Soul Butter (1:42) This is a piece I composed a couple of years ago. I wrote a bass line to a dance track I wrote. I wondered if it would work on the guitar (it did) and the piece was written in a couple of days.

Abana in Heaven (4:43) This is a piece I arranged a two years ago. It was played a lot in the church that I go to and I love love love this melody.

A Beautiful Flower (6:56) I composed this piece two years ago. It started out as a musical cryptogram I composed out of the letters of a friends name. I will often compose pieces for friends birthdays based on the letters of their name. I loved this one so much that I gave it a different title.

The Godfather Theme (8:18) I remember watching these movies back in high school and was really struck by the music. I have been playing this theme since then. I also love that Slash (my favorite guitarist) plays this in his live shows.


Abana in Heaven for Erhu and Guitar

Abana alathi fi ssama/Abana in Heaven is a beautiful piece of music by Laila Constantine. In this recording I am playing with my friend, Tsun-Hui Hung. She recorded her part in Hawaii and I recorded my part in Michigan and then combined the two performances. Here are the lyrics…

Abana in heaven

Hallowed be Your holy name

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

In all the earth as in heaven

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

In all the earth as in heaven

And give to us give us this day

Our daily bread

O Lord we pray

Forgive our sins as we forgive those

Who have sinned against us

And save us in time of trial

Deliver us from evil

Yours is the kingdom Yours the power

Yours is the glory now and forever

Abana in heaven Amen