FUR ELISE (Theme) – Easy Arrangement – Beethoven – Full Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Fur Elise performed by Robert Lunn

Fur Elise is one of Beethoven’s most popular and beloved pieces. It is used in music boxes, movies, commercials, etc. I have already made an “easy arrangement” of this theme but decided to make an even easier arrangement of it where everything is in the first position.

Here are a couple interesting factoids about this piece…

It was first published about 40 years after his death


The original title was Bagatelle No. 25

I hope you enjoy this guitar lesson. You can see many more lessons like these at my guitar school found at my website.

FÜR ELISE (Main Theme) – Easy tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Fur Elise performed by Robert Lunn

Für Elise is a beautiful piece for piano composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. This teaching lesson is of the main theme found in the piece for arranged for fingerstyle guitar. I’ve tried to make this arrangement as easy as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the song.

I have always loved this melody and Beethoven is one of my favorite composers. In fact, he was the first classical composer that I really got into when I began studying classical music back in college. I hope you enjoy this arrangement.

You can find the sheet music/Tab (notes) at my guitar school found on my website.

New Video, Finished Piece and More…

I just uploaded a video I recorded back in December. I recorded myself playing for about a 1/2 hour and then cut it down to this. The order of songs is:

Texting and Improvisation

A Little Waltz for a Little Girl 1:28

Improvisation 5:02

Grey Skies 5:28

Fur Elise 7:17

Amazing Grace 8:18

Fantasia (Red Guitar Suite) 10:47

I finally finished the Piano Trio piece I was working on:

The piece is going to be performed in April. It’s going to be on a program of Beethoven pieces so I incorporated a few of my favorite Beethoven melodies and themes into this piece. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. You can download and listen to the full score here:

Two Strings, One Piano, and a Slice of Beethoven

On a side note I got booties for my dog which he hates. Here is a picture of him being like, “if I don’t see him, he’s not there.”

I teach at Lake Michigan College. I have taught there on and off since 1997 and last week I taught in a place in the building that I have never taught before and saw this:

I have taught in this building for over 20 years and just now seeing this!!! My wife does tell me I am not the most observant person but DANG. Very cool. Looking down in this picture.

I hope everyone is doing well.


Piano Trio (Work-in-Progress)

I am currently working on a piano trio piece, commissioned by the Trio Nuovo to be performed in April. The plan is to have this performed in an all-Beethoven concert so I am incorporating some of Beethoven’s themes and motives into the piece. You can download and listen to the score here:

Anyways…so far I have included Für Elise and the opening motive of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The plan is to have this piece begin in C minor and end in C major. Why, do you ask? Because that is what Beethoven does in his 5th Symphony!!

This is my second piano trio. Here is my first one….

Side note…it is Christmas time and all of my family is in town. It is always great to see my brother, sister, nephews, nieces, etc but it can get exhausting. Yesterday I played a game of football with them and halfway through realized that my 45-year-old self needs to chill or a torn ACL is in my future. I was trying to make moves I haven’t made in 45 years. Here is a pic of a few family members: