Learn Lagrima by Tarrega!

Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega is one of my favorite pieces to play. I played it in my first ever student recital many moons ago and have continued to play it ever since. If you prefer standard notation then check out this page. Here is how it is broken down:

mm. 1-4 (0:00)

mm. 5-8 (3:07)

Interpretation of mm. 1-8 (6:07)

mm. 9-12 (7:58)

mm. 13-16 (14:14)

Interpretation of mm. (16:44)

The Godfather (Love Theme) arranged for Guitar

The Godfather (Love Theme) arranged for guitar by Rob Lunn

I have always loved this melody ever since I first heard it. I remember having a roommate in college who used to play the recording a lot and of course, Slash (huge man-crush) often plays it during is solo section in live concerts.

The score/tab is available at Sheet Music Plus (click on the picture)…

Improv and Funeral March Theme

I start this video off with an improvisation before playing my arrangement of a theme from Chopin’s second piano sonata. This particular arrangement comes from my second volume of easy arrangements available at my website.

So what do I think about while I improvise? Short answer is…not much. That’s the ideal–just let the music flow. The arrangement is in A minor so I figured I would improvise in A minor before going into the theme. Every now and then I’ll hit an unexpected note and the challenge is to make it fit. For example, around the 2:24ish mark I hit a C-sharp which I wasn’t planning on. The C-sharp would give the feeling of A major which is something I wasn’t looking to do. After I hit the C-sharp I decided to hit it again and then move down chromatically to the E. That’s the decision I made in the second or two after I hit that C-sharp. Little things like this are what I think about while I am improvising.

I am currently halfway through 20