Dee – Randy Rhoads – with Tab and Commentary – Fingerstyle Guitar

Dee Performed by Robert Lunn

Dee, by Randy Rhoads, is a beautiful piece of music he composed for his mother and was released on Ozzy Osbourne’s 1980 album, Blizzard of Ozz. Randy Rhoads is one of my favorite guitarists. He was a master composer who composed so many memorable themes and solos.

What I love about this piece is that it is a mixture of older and new styles. He quotes Bourree in E minor by J.S. Bach but yet he also has chords and figures which were common to popular styles in the 1980s.

The score/tab is available at Musicnotes (click on the pictiure)

DEE – Randy Rhoads – Full Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Dee Performed by Robert Lunn

Dee is a beautiful piece of music composed by one of my favorite guitarists, Randy Rhoads. He helped form the band Quiet Riot before joining Ozzy Osbourne. Dee appears on The Blizzard of Ozz album and shows Rhoads’ classical guitar chops. There is even a reference of the opening of the Bach Bouree in the middle of Dee.

I hope you enjoy this video. You can see more videos like this at my guitar school found at my website.

House Concert Vol. 1 (Abana in Heaven, Godfather, and more).

I recorded these originals/arrangements in one take, although I did cut out me tuning the guitar. The song order is:

Abana in Heaven by Laila Constantine (0:41)

Dance of the Red Dragon (2:25)

The Godfather (Love Theme) by Nino Rota (3:26)

Melancholy from my Red Guitar Suite (5:27)

A Little Waltz for a Little Girl (8:27)

Dee by Randy Rhoads (10:56)

Equipment used:

Cordoba C7 Guitar

2017 iPad running forscore

Page Flip bluetooth page turner

2 Rode NT1-A microphones 2020

Macbook Pro

Cubase to record the audio

Final Cut Pro to edit the video

Redline reverb

Dee (Randy Rhoads) with TAB

Dee performed by Robert Lunn

“Dee” by Randy Rhoads is a beautiful piece written for his mother that originally appeared on the Blizzard of Ozz album.

It is composed in the classical guitar style. He is one of my favorite guitarists and was a huge influence on me when I first began playing electric guitar in high school. You can see the full video at my guitar school.