ESPANOLETA – Gaspar Sanz – Full Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Espanoleta performed by Robert Lunn

Score/tab is available in my guitar school music page: Performance 0:00 Introduction 0:35 Teaching 1:20 Espanoleta is a beautiful melody composed by the Spanish composer (and priest!), Gaspar Sanz. This melody was used by Joaquín Rodrigo in his Fantasía para un gentilhombre written for the Spanish guitarist, Andres Segovia.

I hope you enjoy this teaching video. For more videos like this please check out my guitar school found at my website.

RONDO ALLA TURCA (Turkish March) – Excerpt – W.A. Mozart – Fingerstyle Guitar

Rondo alla Turca performed by Robert Lunn

I made this arrangement of the Rondo Alla Turca last year and finally got around to recording it. It took so long because it is difficult and I wanted to adjust the arrangement so that it was less difficult to play.

Mozart composed this piece in 1778 and is the last movement of his Piano Sonata No. 11. It was meant to imitate the sound of Turkish Janissary Bands.

I’ll be making a teaching video for this song very soon.

TANGO – Francisco Tarrega – Fingerstyle Guitar

Tango performed by Robert Lunn

The Tango by Francisco Tárrega is a beautiful piece of music by my favorite composer for the guitar. I’ve always loved this piece but I have avoided playing it because of the tuning. You drop the 6th string down to D and the 5th string down to G. It certainly makes this piece much easier to play but I guess I am lazy and don’t like tuning my guitar that way. I am glad I finally learned it because it is a lot of fun to play.

Piano Trio (Work-in-Progress)

I am currently working on a piano trio piece, commissioned by the Trio Nuovo to be performed in April. The plan is to have this performed in an all-Beethoven concert so I am incorporating some of Beethoven’s themes and motives into the piece. You can download and listen to the score here:

Anyways…so far I have included Für Elise and the opening motive of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The plan is to have this piece begin in C minor and end in C major. Why, do you ask? Because that is what Beethoven does in his 5th Symphony!!

This is my second piano trio. Here is my first one….

Side note…it is Christmas time and all of my family is in town. It is always great to see my brother, sister, nephews, nieces, etc but it can get exhausting. Yesterday I played a game of football with them and halfway through realized that my 45-year-old self needs to chill or a torn ACL is in my future. I was trying to make moves I haven’t made in 45 years. Here is a pic of a few family members: