Cello Prelude in D by J.S. Bach

Cello Prelude in D by J.S. Bach

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! It’s been super hot here in Michigan with no end in sight for the heat to end. Which is fine for me because I think about these days in the middle of winter when it is a frozen tundra here. Anyways…

I have added another teaching video to my guitar school. Check it out!


A Musical Cryptogram on the Name Jimi Hendrix

A Musical Cryptogram on the Name Jimi Hendrix

A Musical Cryptogram on the name Jimi Hendrix is a piece I composed where I attached a musical note to a letter in his name. At the end of the video you can see the key. When I uploaded it to Spotify they said I couldn’t use a famous persons name so it is called, A Musical Cryptogram on the Name of a Famous Left-Handed Guitarist, on Spotify.

Break Dance Gracie!!

Break Dance Gracie!! by Rob Lunn

Break Dance Gracie!! was originally composed for a small jazz ensemble. I performed it at the South Haven jazz festival back in September (2019) with guitar, alto saxophone, bass, and drums. I made a full jazz band arrangement of it to be performed back in March but the coronavirus came and cancelled the concert. I decided to make this arrangement for guitar.