Improv with Vocalization

Here is something I haven’t posted before: an improvisation with some vocalizing. I certainly wouldn’t call it singing. At some point I would really like to learn how to overtone sing. I can get it a little but it certainly isn’t something I can control. If you are unfamiliar with this type of singing check out this video:

I also love the singing style of Manuel Molina. He just belts it out:

I also love the all-white suit!! I need one of those!


Fun Jazzy Piece

Happy Friday!! Or Friyay!! I actually hate that phrase. I have a friend who says, “I don’t hate.” I’m not above a little hate. OMG what am I talking about???? Is it even OK for a 45-year-old man to use the phrase, “OMG?”

This is the end of my piece, Fun Jazzy Piece. I composed this piece around 4 or 5 years ago. I wrote the original bass line 25 (??) years ago. Maybe 20. I wrote it on the piano but could never really do much with it. About 5 years ago I decided to try the bass line on the guitar and I ended up writing the entire piece in a few days. I recorded it on my “There’s a New Sheriff In Town” album which for whatever reason my bandcamp page is down so I can add a link. Not cool.

I have been making a lot of arrangements lately and I plan on recording a new album next week. The album will be all arrangements and will include:

Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

Hurt (NIN/Johnny Cash)

The Godfather Theme

Schindler’s List Theme

and about 7 other arrangements.


New Video, Finished Piece and More…

I just uploaded a video I recorded back in December. I recorded myself playing for about a 1/2 hour and then cut it down to this. The order of songs is:

Texting and Improvisation

A Little Waltz for a Little Girl 1:28

Improvisation 5:02

Grey Skies 5:28

Fur Elise 7:17

Amazing Grace 8:18

Fantasia (Red Guitar Suite) 10:47

I finally finished the Piano Trio piece I was working on:

The piece is going to be performed in April. It’s going to be on a program of Beethoven pieces so I incorporated a few of my favorite Beethoven melodies and themes into this piece. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. You can download and listen to the full score here:

Two Strings, One Piano, and a Slice of Beethoven

On a side note I got booties for my dog which he hates. Here is a picture of him being like, “if I don’t see him, he’s not there.”

I teach at Lake Michigan College. I have taught there on and off since 1997 and last week I taught in a place in the building that I have never taught before and saw this:

I have taught in this building for over 20 years and just now seeing this!!! My wife does tell me I am not the most observant person but DANG. Very cool. Looking down in this picture.

I hope everyone is doing well.