ESTUDIO IN E MINOR – Francisco Tarrega – with TAB – Classical Guitar

Estudio in E Minor performed by Robert Lunn

Francisco Tarrega is one of my favorite composers for the guitar. He was a Spanish composer who lived from 1852-1909. He composed many wonderful pieces for guitar from beginner level pieces although to pieces for the most skilled virtuosos.

Score/tab available in my guitar school music.

Adelita by Francisco Tárrega

Adelita by Francisco Tárrega performed by Robert Lunn

Adelita by Francisco Tárrega is a gorgeous piece of music. I began playing electric guitar in high school and I started classical guitar in college. After a year of studying classical guitar I remember playing this in a student recital. This is a Mazurka, which is a type of Polish dance. You can learn this at my guitar school found on my website.

Learn Lagrima by Tarrega!

Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega is one of my favorite pieces to play. I played it in my first ever student recital many moons ago and have continued to play it ever since. If you prefer standard notation then check out this page. Here is how it is broken down:

mm. 1-4 (0:00)

mm. 5-8 (3:07)

Interpretation of mm. 1-8 (6:07)

mm. 9-12 (7:58)

mm. 13-16 (14:14)

Interpretation of mm. (16:44)

Asturias (Leyenda)

This is the piece that got me into classical guitar…

During the summer of 1992 my family moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Holland, Michigan. I was going to begin my freshmen year at Hope College in the fall. My parents had recently purchased me an Alvarez classical guitar and my dad bought a John Williams CD. Here is me (with Christopher Parkening) with my Alvarez…

I remember laying on the ground listening to that CD and Leyenda came on. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was the most amazing piece of music my young brain had ever heard!! Was that really just one guitar?? I remember thinking, “I have GOT to learn that song!”

That fall, at Hope College, I took a beginning classical guitar class at Hope with Larry Malfroid. I remember before class one time asking him if he knew the piece. He started playing and I was totally impressed.

That piece of music literally changed my life. It was because of that piece I started learning classical guitar which, in turn, made me decide to become a music major which led me to learn composition and so and so on. Here is a version by Julian Bream that I’ve been listening to a lot lately…