Eyşan Unutamıyorum, Abana in Heaven, Godfather and More…

This is a practicing video. I turned the camera on and just started playing. No edits and I crashed and burned at the end of the Godfather theme. Here is the order:

Eyşan Unutamıyorum (0:07) This is a piece I started playing a few years ago when an Instagram friend suggested I make a guitar arrangement of it. It is now one of my favorite pieces to play.

Funky Soul Butter (1:42) This is a piece I composed a couple of years ago. I wrote a bass line to a dance track I wrote. I wondered if it would work on the guitar (it did) and the piece was written in a couple of days.

Abana in Heaven (4:43) This is a piece I arranged a two years ago. It was played a lot in the church that I go to and I love love love this melody.

A Beautiful Flower (6:56) I composed this piece two years ago. It started out as a musical cryptogram I composed out of the letters of a friends name. I will often compose pieces for friends birthdays based on the letters of their name. I loved this one so much that I gave it a different title.

The Godfather Theme (8:18) I remember watching these movies back in high school and was really struck by the music. I have been playing this theme since then. I also love that Slash (my favorite guitarist) plays this in his live shows.