Magnificent Mountain for Mandolin Orchestra

Magnificent Mountain for Mandolin Orchestra by Rob Lunn

This is the world premiere performance by the En Masse Orchestra led by Jim Bates at the Classical Mandolin Society’s national convention. The performance took place at the Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois on October 12, 2019.

I had a ton of fun at this conference. I enjoyed meeting people, doing workshops and working with the orchestra. The score/parts is available at my website

The piece was inspired by a trip I made to the Smoky Mountains last June (2019). One day my son and I drove up into the mountains and it was amazing to me see how the landscape changed. At times, when the fog was heavy, it was very mysterious. At other times, when the sun was shinning it was very magnificent. I tried to covey those feelings in this piece. The instrumentation is: mandolin 1, mandolin 2, mandola, mandocello, classical guitar, and double bass.

Here are a few pics from the conference:

Speaking about the piece before it was performed.
Giving a workshop on recording


Leviathan is a piece I composed a few years ago. I started messing with techno beats in Cubase and started improvising to them. I would say that 90% of this came from one of those improvisations. Score/tab is free at my website.

I am finishing up another album and messing around with album cover ideas. None of these will work but here are a few…

This one might have possibilities….

Fun Jazzy Piece

Happy Friday!! Or Friyay!! I actually hate that phrase. I have a friend who says, “I don’t hate.” I’m not above a little hate. OMG what am I talking about???? Is it even OK for a 45-year-old man to use the phrase, “OMG?”

This is the end of my piece, Fun Jazzy Piece. I composed this piece around 4 or 5 years ago. I wrote the original bass line 25 (??) years ago. Maybe 20. I wrote it on the piano but could never really do much with it. About 5 years ago I decided to try the bass line on the guitar and I ended up writing the entire piece in a few days. I recorded it on my “There’s a New Sheriff In Town” album which for whatever reason my bandcamp page is down so I can add a link. Not cool.

I have been making a lot of arrangements lately and I plan on recording a new album next week. The album will be all arrangements and will include:

Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)

Hurt (NIN/Johnny Cash)

The Godfather Theme

Schindler’s List Theme

and about 7 other arrangements.


Lament III

Last year (and the year before) I composed 12 laments for the classical guitar. The score/tabs for these can be found on my website for FREE.

I am excited about one thing. Ok, maybe a few things. It is super cold in Michigan (where I live) so that is nothing to be excited about. Anyways…I’ve always avoided making arrangements of copyrighted songs because I didn’t want to deal with the licensing issues involved. Long story short (thank you, Rob), I am going to start arranging copyrighted music. I made a list of pieces I would like to arrange. Here they are:

The Godfather (Love Theme), Nothing Else Matters, Hurt (Nine Inch Nails), Pirates of the Caribbean, Imagine, Stairway to Heaven, Hallelujah, Dust in the Wind, The Mission (Oboe Theme), Chariots of Fire, Schindler’s List, and so on and so on. There are like 200 on this list.

Anyways…that’s all I’ve got for now.


Funky Soul Butter/Ezel/Willow

I recorded three pieces in one shot with no edits. My original plan was to record six pieces but there was an EPIC FAIL on piece number four so… just got three:

Funky Soul Butter (0:00), Ezel (3:02) and Willow (4:45)

Funky Soul Butter is a piece I composed a few years ago and recorded it on my Funky Soul Butter album recorded about a year ago.

Ezel is a Turkish crime drama. A Turkish Instagram friend recommended that I make a guitar arrangement of the main theme. I couldn’t find sheet music for it so I ended up transcribing it. Here is the original if you don’t know it…

Willow comes from my Year of the Guitar Suite. I composed these pieces back in 2013-14 and recorded them in 2015.

The scores/tabs for each one of these is free at my website.

Side note…

Holiday fun is now over. My brother (and family) and sister (and family) were in town for the last week. My brother has 5 kids and my sister has 3. Lots of kids. It was very loud but a lot of fun. Sad to see them go. Here is a pic of my new nephew….


P.S. I have listened to 57 of Buckethead’s 300 (and change) Pikes. Hopefully I can finish them this year.

Etude 8 (Improvisation)

I am currently writing a set of 8 etudes for the guitar. Each of them includes some kind of an extended technique. This particular one uses a slide which isn’t used a lot in the classical guitar literature. I have always loved the sound. Check this video out…

And if haven’t already checked out the famous Messiahsez, by all means do…

There were a couple surprises that I found sounded interesting in my improv. The first was that when the slide is used with tremolo it produces a pretty cool sound. Also, artificial harmonics can slide around with a slide. Often before writing a piece I will improvise around on an idea or two. That is what I am doing in this video.