INDIGO MOUNTAIN – Full Sheet Music and TAB – Classical Guitar – Robert Lunn

Indigo Mountain performed by Robert Lunn

Indigo Mountain is a piece I composed last weekend. It was composed with the intermediate level guitarist in mind. The piece consists of a section of music which is repeated a total of three times. Each time it is played a little differently.

Score/tab is free at my website (click on the picture):

PRELUDE (Op 28 No 7) – Frédéric Chopin – (Transposed DM) – Sheet Music and Tab – Classical Guitar

Prelude Op. 28 No.7 by Chopin. Performed by Robert Lunn

Frédéric Chopin is one of my favorite composers and I have always loved this prelude. I first heard this for guitar when I was listening to a recording by Andres Segovia. For this transcription I transposed it to the key of D major from the original key, A major.

Score/tab is available in my guitar school music package. Click on the picture to learn more.