NOTHING ELSE MATTERS – Metallica – Full Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Nothing Else Matters performed by Robert Lunn

Nothing Else Matters is one of my favorite all-time songs. I remember when it first came out that I tried to play it but at that time, I was only playing electric and not fingerpicking. The song comes from their Black album which was released in 1991. Songwriting credits for this song are by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.

This is a great song for the fingerstyle/classical guitar player. For this arrangement, I used variation for the verse sections. Guitar solos in guitar versions of songs I always find difficult to arrange for solo guitar. I could play the solo but then I would lack the extra fingers to play the bass and rhythm guitar parts or I could play the backing part but then wouldn’t have the solo. For the last solo I decided to play the backing part, put try and add rasgueados to make things louder.

I hope you enjoy the arrangement. I have a ton of these types of teaching videos at my guitar school found at my website.