RONDO ALLA TURCA (Turkish March) – Mozart – Full Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Rondo alla Turca performed by Robert Lunn

Here is the guitar lesson for the arrangement I did of Mozart’s famous Rondo alla Turca. This is one of his most famous pieces and it always pops up in movies, commercials, etc. The piece is the third movement of his Piano Sonata No. 11.

It uses a rondo form which is a form with a second that repeats a lot. A common rondo form would be: ABACBA.

I hope you enjoy this teaching video. You can see more like this at my guitar school found on my website

RONDO ALLA TURCA (Turkish March) – Excerpt – W.A. Mozart – Fingerstyle Guitar

Rondo alla Turca performed by Robert Lunn

I made this arrangement of the Rondo Alla Turca last year and finally got around to recording it. It took so long because it is difficult and I wanted to adjust the arrangement so that it was less difficult to play.

Mozart composed this piece in 1778 and is the last movement of his Piano Sonata No. 11. It was meant to imitate the sound of Turkish Janissary Bands.

I’ll be making a teaching video for this song very soon.

LACRIMOSA (Requiem) – W.A. Mozart – Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar

Lacrimosa performed by Robert Lunn

This arrangement is of the Lacrimosa movement from Mozart’s requiem. Mozart composed this during the last year of his life and was left incomplete. It was later completed by other composers based on fragments left by Mozart. For example, the Lacrimosa only contained the first eight measures of music.

For this arrangement I tried to keep the melody and harmonies the same as the orchestrated version but had to take certain liberties because of the limitations of the guitar.

I hope you enjoy this arrangement. Score/tab is available at my website.

Practicing Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven – and Lacrimosa (Requiem) – Mozart – Fingerstyle Guitar

In this video I decided to record a practice session for a 1/2 hour. The first half is the first movement from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (Piano Sonata No. 14) and the second half is the Lacrimosa movement from the Requiem by Mozart.

Both are fairly new arrangements that I have made. The moonlight sonata arrangement was made back in the fall and the Lacrimosa was made over the Christmas break. These are two of my favorite pieces.

I decided to keep the good, bad and ugly in this practice video. I hope you enjoy watching and listening!