SCARBOROUGH FAIR – Easy Arrangement – Includes Sheet Music/Tab – Classical Guitar

Scarborough Fair performed by Robert Lunn

Scarborough Fair is an old traditional English Ballad and nobody knows who actually composed the piece. I’ve always loved the version by Simon and Garfunkel and their recording inspired me to make a solo guitar arrangement of the melody. I have two versions of this melody: a harder version and this easier version.

You can find the score/tab in my first volume of easy arrangements (Click on the Picture)

RECUERDOS DE LA ALHAMBRA – Tarrega – Easy Arr. (no tremolo) – Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Recuerdos de la Alhambra (easy arrangement) performed by Robert Lunn

Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarrega is a beautiful piece of music that has been performed by the top guitarists from the last 100 years. The original uses the technique, tremolo, which can be a difficult technique to play. In this arrangement I have stripped away the tremolo in an effort to try and make it as easy as possible to play. I also tried to limit large stretches as well as limited my use of barre chords. Still not super easy to play but certainly easier than the original.

I hope you enjoy this teaching video. For more videos like this please check out my guitar school found at my website.

Malagueña (Easy Arrangement)

Malagueña performed by Robert Lunn

I’ve always loved the Malagueña. In the last couple of weeks I have made two arrangements of it. This arrangement and another arrangement that is a little harder. I’ll post the other version as soon as I learn it! You can get the score/tab at my website. I also teach this arrangement at my guitar school found at my website.