Jellyfish Music

Earlier this summer (June 2019) my family and I vacationed down in Tennessee. Ended up going to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies and it turned out to be a fabulous aquarium!! I took a really short video of the jellyfish and decided it would be really cool to add some music to it. I ended up slowing the video way down. The video was still too short so I added a credit at the end. Here is the original video:

I improvised the music using my Yamaha electric/acoustic nylon string through a crybaby wah wah and then into my computer. I then added a ton of reverb.

Here are a couple more pics from the aquarium:

A shark!! There was a section where you were actually underneath the aquarium.

They also had real, live mermaids!!!! Grace (my daughter) was sooooo impressed!

Speaking of Grace…

This was taken somewhere in the Smoky Mountains. She is a total ham.

Also went to an interesting guitar shop while there. You could purchase a guitar that had been shot with a shotgun!!

Hopefully nobody was playing it at the time.

I got sidetracked. Back to the aquarium….I would totally recommend it.



Improvisation with Wah Pedal

I love the sound of a wah pedal. I have used it for many years while playing electric guitar. I decided to give it a try with my nylon string. I’m using a Crybaby Wah pedal…

Here are a few of my favorite Wah moments….

Sweet Child O’ Mine solo by Slash. This is the solo that got me into playing guitar. The wah pedal begins around the 3:03 mark.

Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix. The classic wah opening and he uses the pedal on and off throughout the piece. I couldn’t find the studio version on Youtube but check it out for the beautiful wah wah pedal opening.

Gory Head Stump by Buckethead. Buckethead uses a ton of wah in many of his songs. He begins using the wah around the 2:21 mark.