Flow My Tears – John Dowland – Full Sheet Music/Tab – Classical Guitar

Flow, My Tears performed by Robert Lunn

I have always loved this piece. I first heard it in a music appreciation class in college with a countertenor (first time I had heard that) and a lute. John Dowland originally composed as an instrumental with the title, Lachrimae Pavane.

I’ve always loved Julian Bream’s version of this and if you haven’t heard it before I would recommend checking it out.

I tried to keep this arrangement as easy as possible while still keeping the integrity of the song.

Score and tab is available at my website (Click on the Picture)

CAVATINA (The Deer Hunter) – Stanley Myers – Partial Sheet Music/TAB – Classical Guitar

Cavatina performed by Robert Lunn

Cavatina is a beautiful piece composed by Stanley Myers for the 1978 movie, The Deer Hunter. The movie included many famous actors and actresses like Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep. I first heard this played by John Williams (the guitarist).

The score/tab is available at Musicnotes (Click on the Picture)

SCARBOROUGH FAIR – Easy Arrangement – Includes Sheet Music/Tab – Classical Guitar

Scarborough Fair performed by Robert Lunn

Scarborough Fair is an old traditional English Ballad and nobody knows who actually composed the piece. I’ve always loved the version by Simon and Garfunkel and their recording inspired me to make a solo guitar arrangement of the melody. I have two versions of this melody: a harder version and this easier version.

You can find the score/tab in my first volume of easy arrangements (Click on the Picture)

INDIGO MOUNTAIN – Full Sheet Music and TAB – Classical Guitar – Robert Lunn

Indigo Mountain performed by Robert Lunn

Indigo Mountain is a piece I composed last weekend. It was composed with the intermediate level guitarist in mind. The piece consists of a section of music which is repeated a total of three times. Each time it is played a little differently.

Score/tab is free at my website (click on the picture):

PRELUDE (Op 28 No 7) – Frédéric Chopin – (Transposed DM) – Sheet Music and Tab – Classical Guitar

Prelude Op. 28 No.7 by Chopin. Performed by Robert Lunn

Frédéric Chopin is one of my favorite composers and I have always loved this prelude. I first heard this for guitar when I was listening to a recording by Andres Segovia. For this transcription I transposed it to the key of D major from the original key, A major.

Score/tab is available in my guitar school music package. Click on the picture to learn more.

DANCE OF THE RED DRAGON – Full Sheet Music and TAB – Robert Lunn – Classical Guitar

Dance of the Red Dragon performed by Robert Lunn

Dance of the Red Dragon is a piece I composed for a guitar student. I wanted to write a piece that was fairly easy to play and that used rasgueados. This piece was also designed to be played at different speeds depending on the students skill level.

Score/tab is free at my website (Click on the picture):

MEDITATION – Homage to Arvo Pärt – Full Sheet Music/TAB – Robert Lunn – Classical Guitar

Meditation performed by Robert Lunn

I’ve always loved the music of Arvo Pärt. I first heard of him when I attended a concert by Anne-Sophie Mutter where she opened her concert with Fratres. I love the space in his music. Each note is important. His music touches me. This piece was inspired by his short piano piece called, Für Alina.

Score/tab is free at my website (Click on the picture)

DANNY BOY – Easy Arrangement – Includes TAB – Classical Guitar

Danny Boy performed by Robert Lunn

Danny Boy comes from an old traditional Irish melody called, Londonderry Air. English words were later added in the early 20th century by Frederic Weatherly.

This arrangement comes from my first volume of easy arrangements. It’s a group of 30 hymns, folk, spirituals, and patriotic songs. I tried to make the arrangement as easy as possible while still keeping the integrity of the piece.

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