ESTUDIO IN E MINOR – With Tremolo – Tutorial with TAB – Francisco Tarrega – Fingerstyle Guitar

Estudio in E Minor performed by Robert Lunn

Estudio in e minor is a great little study composed by the Spanish composer, Francisco Tárrega. For the first half of the piece, the right hand pattern is the same as the pattern found in Spanish Romance. For the second half of the piece it is played with tremolo. Tremolo can be a tough technique to learn. The nice thing about this piece is that the tremolo is all on the first string. I find that a lot of people have difficulty with the tremolo when it is on the second string.

Francisco Tarrega is my favorite guitar composer. What I mean by that is he is my favorite composer who composed for the guitar. Well…one of them. It’s a tie for me between Tarrega and Villa-Lobos.

I hope you enjoy this teaching video. You can find more videos like this at my guitar school found at my website.