TANGO – Francisco Tarrega – Full Tutorial with TAB – Fingerstyle Guitar

Tango performed by Robert Lunn

In this guitar lesson I am teaching the Tango by Francisco Tárrega. Tárrega is one of my favorite guitar composers (along with Villa-Lobos) and I have learned many of his songs over the years but for some reason just learned it a few months ago for the first time. Here is the reason, and it is super lazy of me, I hate having to tune two strings down a step! Haha. I finally got over that and learned the song. It’s a great song.

Tarrega was a versatile composer who would often compose in different styles of music. For example some of his music had a very strong Spanish influence, which of course makes sense because he was from Spain. He also composed Mazurka’s (Polish Dance) as well as this Tango. The Tango is a dance that originated in Argentina and Uruguay. I have always felt that Tarrega was as close as us guitarists get to having our own Chopin. A very Romantic minded composer who wrote great music.

I hope you enjoy this teaching video. You can find other videos like this at my guitar school found at my website.